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To help your dog get the most out of daycare, Woof of Paw Street is a daycare facility for like minded dogs to play in. Our expert carers provide close, individual attention to help your dog find suitable playmates and enrichment. 

To maintain the highest standard of hygiene and disease control at our facility, all dogs must have a current annual c5 vaccination before they can attend. Owners must show current vaccination certificates on their dog’s first visit and each time their vaccination is updated. Standard puppy vaccination schedule: C3 vaccination at 6-8 Weeks, Kennel Cough vaccinations at 10-12 Weeks, Final C3 vaccinations at 14-16 Weeks, Annual c5 vaccinations over 16 weeks.  

All dogs over 6 months must be desexed with no exceptions (ie; sterilization or vasectomy are are not permitted). 

Your dog must be in good health and free from any condition that could potentially affect other dogs. If your dog has been ill with a contagious condition in the last 30 days pleased do not bring your dog to daycare until cleared by your vet. Kennel cough is a very contagious condition, please notify the staff at reception if your dog has recently spent time in a boarding kennel. We keep a close eye on all our dogs for signs of canine cough. If your dog has been coughing please do not come to daycare until cleared by your vet. 

To prevent passing on parasites your dog should be on a flea and worm prevention program. Please treat with a product such as Bravecto and Milbemax at least 48 hours before coming to daycare.If we discover parasites, your dog will be isolated until it is picked up. Please note you will still be charged for the booking time in full. 

Flea protection will then need to be administered by you ASAP. 

Please let us know what medication your dog is taking even if we do not have to administer it. It helps us understand potential changes in behaviour. During your dog’s first day at Woof of Paw Street we will pay close attention to the way your dog interacts with our carers and other dogs. This is a screening process to make sure your dog is suitable for daycare and will be happy with us. Daycare is not suitable for every dog and we do not allow dogs that show threatening behaviour. Using the Waiver and Release of Liability form, owners will need to certify that their dog has not previously shown these unwanted behaviours. The safety of our dogs and staff is our priority and if a dog is enrolled and then subsequently shows these tendencies the dog will immediately be separated from other dogs. We reserve the right to refuse daycare at any time.